Shore Tanks Leasing

Rustransneft lease tank storage facilities of different types and storage capacities for receiving and storing different kind of crude oil and oil product in different various industrial port of the Russian Federation and other ports in Europe & Asia.

Our major operation are in Commercial Sea Port of Primorsk, Novossibiyrsk Port, Rotterdam Port, Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, Fujairah Port and Houston Port in other to render our services to our potential partners in Europe, Asia and US which consists of RGS tanks, CSG tanks and other for receiving and storing of petroleum products of different brands.

The tank storage facilities are divided into two zones for the loading and unloading of petroleum products, which includes tanks, loading racks and pump installations.

Our tank farm receives petroleum products from railways and pipeline into our underground tankers. This warehouse has a platform with drainage devices, pipelines, storage tanks, a pumping station and a platform for delivery of petroleum products. The pumping station is located in a separate heated building, which features a computer room with pump and other devices, as well as billboard space, transfer and ventilation systems.

Our Storage facilities consist of multiple steel standard cylindrical tanks which are arranged horizontally.

The device’s and equipment’s allow us to store and discharge of products being transferred to our tank farm by rail, road tankers or pipeline. We provide top quality services and under excellent conditions. Our customers are rest assured: We can get your cargo delivered in over 200 countries, quickly and reliably to your requested address.

Our main goal is to provide each customer the optimum conditions of delivery from anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.